Curiosity has landed

Oh, what a day! NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity has successfully landed at the Gale Crater this morning at 8.31 UTC+3 Eastern Time after a perfectly executed EDL sequence.

Not only that, but the rover has managed to send back to Earth its first photo from its rear hazcam, which were followed by another slighly higher resolution image, which indicates that everything is normal and the rover is good to go for some real science work.

This is amazing! The thrill of exploration is the stuff that make us humans and events like this make the differences between nations and classes - a thing from the pass. Because this rover is a mission from humanity to another world average 225 milion kilometers from Earth. So it doesnt matter if you're in New York, Tokio or Sofia, you've pushed the frontier 225 milion kilometers away because of the human's Curiosity.

Future is brighter after a morning like this!

Thanks, NASA! It was an awesome experience, can't wait for some really cool Mars geo science and chemistry.

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