When two... satellites colide

It's a strange situation, but sometimes strange things happens right over the corner.

On Tuesday two satellites, one from USA and one from Russian collide nearly 780 km above Earth:

The risk to the International Space Station and a shuttle launch planned for later this month is said to be low.

Space debris experts say the chances of such collisions have been rising.

And with the increased number of stuff we put in space (and sometimes lost in space by a human mistake - http://edition.cnn.com/2008/TECH/space/11/18/endeavour.spacewalk/index.html) there could be an cascade effect for such collisions, which in the end could ban space exploration (this will be a catastrophe). So the question: is it worth to persuade people about cleaning our NEO (near-Earth orbit) from those debris and is that idea possible at all?

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