I'm a Transhumanist!

A man walks into a bar…

“I just came from the craziest conference!” he says to the bartender.

“Really?” says the bartender. “What was it about?”

“Well” the man says “these crazy people who call themselves Transhumanists believe we should use futuristic technology to get rid of diseases and make people more intelligent and happy and stuff.”

“Really?” says the bartender.

“Yeah” the man says. “And these Transhumanists want to use robots and something called nanotechnology so we don’t have to work so hard and we can all be rich.”

“Really?” says the bartender.

“Yeah” the man says. “And these Transhumanists want to use biotechnology to keep people young and let them live almost forever.”

“Wow! I just realized something.” says the bartender.

“What’s that?” the man asks.

“I’m a Transhumanist!” says the bartender.

[via Accelerating Future]


  1. Haha. Nice one :-)

    I have a question actually, you can reply via Twitter (@Spartz).

    During the industrial revolution, they said industrialization would eliminate the need for all of us to work so much, yet we're all still working a lot.

    How do you think this work-slavery can be prevented during a 'transhumanist'/modern technological revolution?

  2. I think we can manufacture robots and systems that can do most of the work that now depends on people. But for this to happen we have to make a major reconstruction of our energy management, building designs, resources distribution systems and so on.

    I don't think transhumanism got anything with this 'work-slavery' problem. Transhumanism is focused on improving human species characteristics by using science and technology. But in other hand transhumanism is an integral part for that processes to happen in the future.

    For example thinking about space colonization without advanced molecular nanotechnology is a joke. :-) And thinking about 'work-free' world without effective resources management falls into that section, too.